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Credits to our customers and loaner program participants who are so generous to spend the time and effort to write up reviews for ES Lab 

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ES-R10 closed back dynamic headphone Sony R10 Replica Discussion/Impressions  on Head-Fi


“性格”明显,不妥协——初烧ES-R10试听手记 by 我思故我在


ES-R10 时隔两年再次体会星光洒落的迷人音色 by baka玖


ES Lab ES-R10 歌劇姬 by purplesky


試聽 ES-R10  by pcjustin

ES-R10试听感想 by Lilycon and Farrel

試玩 ES-R10 X9000  by cyaninetea


SGR机架及 复刻Sony R10: esr10听感小结  by qianxiaobai



ES Lab ES-1 alpha (ES-1a) Electrostatic Headphones Review by lostrockets


ES Labs ES1a (homage to the Stax SR Omega)  by ivanrocks321

ES Labs ES1a from Headcase


ESLab ES-1 Alpha by scgorg

ES Lab ES-1a Electrostatic Headphones Measurements and Discussion by Vtory

ES Lab ES-1A - Perfectly Musical From Oak Forest Audio

ES Lab ES-1a by Tugbars

Review: ES Lab ES-1a – A Labor of Love by Evan Caplinger in Headphonesty

ES Labs ES-1a Review (Light comparisons to Stax SR-007A and others) by slooploop2

国人静电耳机ES1A 试听体验 by farrel

抛砖引玉的聊聊:如何看评测以及我对009S、OMEGA、ES1A的评价  by 灵梦様

ES-1α 静电耳机—— 平行世界里的009S? by alavan

顺便对比STAX009和HKOmegaES1a by shurevan


[耳机] 静电耳机ES1A、009听感对比(L5000乱入) by ramos

可能是现在交响表现最好的静电耳机? ES-1α试听 by znyamg

古典音乐我们听什么?对比es1a和009 by sven 



L300LTD VS ES1A 静电升级新方向

Es1a vs stax 007+thror耳罩 

ES-1a Frequency Response Measurements by Crinacle

ES-Sigma インプレッション

Repair Diary

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